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Company News >> What is the main indications for lower limb orthosis

 What is the main indications for lower limb orthosis?

(1) lower limb orthosis mainly is indicated to a variety of neuromuscular diseases such as polio sequelae, cerebral palsy, hemiplegia, amputations, muscle paralysis and spastic paralysis caused by damage of the peripheral edge of the nerve, and secondary knee varus and valgus, knee recurvation. (2) lower limb orthosis is also indicated to a variety of bone and joint disorders, such as lower limb fractures, congenital hip dislocation, congenital clubfoot, femoral epiphysis and osteochondrosis and so on.

What is the scope of indication of lower limb orthosis?(1) Leg weakness; (2) the deformities of lower limb bone and joint (3) dysfunction of lower limb bone and joint; (4) the foot and ankle deformation, clubfoot, foot varus, flat foot valgus ;(5) peripheral nerve palsy; (6) knee disorders; (7) hip disease; (8) lower limb fractures; (9)paraplegia.

How do we use common lower limb orthosis and what is training point? (1) Patient needs to wear single pants and a pair of socks, first wear shoe or foot sleeve, then orthosis.  And the foot has deformity, that will require manual correction before wearing. Patient can attach the straps from the bottom when orthosis is adjusted fit, finally attach the hip strap. Take-off is contrary  to the wearing (2) Guide and help patients to exercise, walk, sit.Patient with unilateral orthosis whose first step goes along with the healthy leg,then second step with the another leg; 
Patient with bilateral orthosis stands with hands on parallel bars.They can try to walk in the parallel bars until they are master of standing equilibrium. At first stride should be small, no more than the length of contralateral foot. Patients try to sit at a different seat height.

What is the biomechanical principles of lower limb orthosis? All lower limb orthosis is required to produce a therapeutic effect on the body by applying a force. Thus orthosis designers should understand their function in generating the action and playing adaptation. The method is generally used to describe according to  the magnitude and direction of the force,three point force.All the movements are rotating, moving, or a combination of both. The change of rotation angle does not change the height of the moving direction.The force affecting the effectiveness of the joint decides on the force point ( Or between the rotary axis)and the magnitude of force.Thus, lower limb orthosis is going through leverage to achieve the best effects. Function of lower limb othosis  is generated through the leverage :  stability and support, the generation of power, correction deformities and limb protection.


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